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How Valuable Are You: Negotiating a Higher Salary In Your Career

With the recent downward trend in the economy negotiating for a higher salary in your career will be much harder than ever, but not impossible. With the ever-rising unemployment rate employers know that jobs are harder to come by and as a result, they know that they can demand extra from their employees. This may seem more than a little discouraging, but this does not mean that you cannot negotiate for a better salary. There are some time-tested strategies that will help when you are ready to negotiate your salary.

One important key in negotiating your salary is to know what others in your field are earning.  You can research what the average pay scale of your particular job is below.  Once you know the average salary, you can determine if your wages expectations are within reason.  Don’t be afraid to approach your employer with your request, just make sure that you are prepared before you go to the negotiating table.

Be productive and efficient in your job.  End of story, if you are not there is no point in asking for an increase in pay.  When you are less productive, the organization begins to lose money and this actually makes it extremely difficult to negotiate for a better salary.   Having knowledge and expertise in your field is not enough; you must be able to point to specific identifiable examples of your productivity.  You can also explain the specifics of how you have streamlined your efficiency.  Productivity and efficiency are qualities that employers like to see demonstrated in the work-place and are more likely to reward. 

Be irreplaceable. Don’t be shy about advertising your strengths and achievements; you must be able to demonstrate that no one could do your job better than you.  In addition to being productive and efficient, you need to perform your duties in a way that the corporation can really feel your presence.  This means excelling in areas that can be benchmarked by your supervisors.  Again, it is important to arm yourself with salary information about your job.  Remember that an employee who seldom does more than the tasks given to him is not working in a way that merits an increase in pay.

One final point to consider when negotiating salary is to remember it is important to stay ahead of the game, so to speak.  If you have a position that is influenced by or uses any type of technology, and these days what job isn’t, make sure that you are ahead of the curve in mastering the pertinent technological skills. 


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